About OCDS Brake Disc Skimming Services

How we founded OCDS brake disc skimming & mechanical services.

Our founder is a vehicle enthusiast who loves to work on cars and long ago realized that safety on vehicles should be treated as a priority.  In the area where he stayed there were limited service providers who had the same outlook as he did. 

So he took his hobby and turned it into a business by assisting customers and treating them with proper guidelines on vehicle safety and how brakes get impacted by driving forces.

Why Brake Disc Skimming Is Important?

  • Skimming brake discs removes the “wear” lip created by repeated braking
  • The disc contact surface is cleaned from rust, dust and other particles that may cause damage to the brake system
  • All friction material and debris that may be embedded into the disc is safely removed with skimming
  • Noticeable improvement in brake efficiency after skimming of the discs

Properly Maintained Brake Discs Save Lives!

Mobile Brake Disc Skimming

What Are the Symptoms of Worn Brakes?


Squeaking or scraping brakes

When brake pads are worn, they come into direct contact with the brake discs, causing a scraping sound.


Pedal vibrations

Worn disc brakes touches the rotor sending vibrations to the pedal.


Brake pedal indicators

Brake pedal feel hard, spongy or require greater pressure to stop the car.


Slower braking response

Worn disc brakes can’t slow the vehicle down fast and safely.

Don’t fool with safety! Contact OCDS Today for a quote on getting your brakes repaired!

Brake Disc Repair